Ultra Sleep Complex bottle

sleepless nights?

You're not alone.
luckily, there's help!

Ultra Sleep Complex Is Full Of Powerful, Sleep-Inducing Ingredients That Help You:

sleepless nights?

you're not alone.
luckily, there's help!

Ultra Sleep Complex bottle

Ultra Sleep Complex Is Full Of Powerful, Natural Ingredients That Help:

Here's The Secret To Ultra Sleep Complex's Ingredients:

The strength of this supplement comes from its well tested, award winning formula. Each ingredient in this formula has been clinically studied and was carefully selected for maximum benefits. Ultra Sleep Complex is made of all natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

How Does Ultra Sleep Complex Work?

Ultra Sleep Complex was formulated with potent extracts from the most powerful relaxation & sleep-inducing ingredients known to help improve your rest & relaxation for an improved and more balanced life.

Sleep isn’t anything to play with. More people that struggle with sleep have been proven to experience higher rates of heart problems that play a lasting effect. It’s important to get healthier and start sleeping a full night, ASAP!

Ultra Sleep Complex contains the best known ingredients for getting a great night’s rest. At first glance of the supplement facts, you might not think too much. 

But take a closer look – Ultra Sleep Complex contains the most potent versions of each ingredient, so instead of needing 6-8 pills each night, you get the same powerful formula in just 2 capsules. This new, advanced formula was made to:

What Are The Ingredients Found In Ultra Sleep Complex?

Valerian Root Extract

Valerian Root has been used for centuries in teas and other remedies for relaxation and drastically improving sleep. However, thanks to modern technology, we’re able to break this powerful ingredient down into extracts.

This means that rather than consuming large quantities of teas or actual valerian root to obtain the parts that help you sleep, we can take out all of those good parts and add it directly into a capsule.

This saves a ton of time & money for you. Not to mention, you won’t need to take all those extra bathroom breaks during the night. Valerian Root Extract has been proven to directly help with the following:

Chamomile Flower Extract

The fact that Chamomile Flower Extract is often referred to as a “mild tranquilizer” in many clinical trials and tests should help you understand just how effective this ingredient is and why we had to add it into our formula.

Chamomile Flower Extract can attribute most, if not all of it’s “sleep-inducing power” to a unique antioxidant that it contains, called “Apigenin“. This antioxidant is responsible for initiating relaxation and forcing anxiety out of your brain.

Chamomile Flower Extract improves your sleep quality, meaning that 1 hour of sleep with chamomile flower is deeper and more beneficial than 1 hour of sleep that doesn’t help you reach the deeper stages of sleep.

Modern research has shown that chamomile flower extract can:

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

Seems overly scientific? Well, sleep is pretty complicated, or at least getting great sleep is. GABA works as a chemical messenger and connects the required impulses between your nervous system and your brain in order to initiate relaxation.

Studies on GABA have concluded that when we have low levels in our bodies, it directly corresponds to higher levels of stress and anxiety, which equals worse sleep.

Rx anxiety reducers work in the same fashion, which is to connect the impulses of your nervous system and brain and to retain higher levels of GABA in your body. Ultra Sleep Complex uses the same method, but doesn’t use any addictive substances.

Modern research has shown that supplementing with GABA can:


Melatonin is actually a hormone that is produced in your brain that tells you it’s time to “hit the sack”. Before technology, such as TV’s, computers, etc. it was a little easier for our brains to relax. 

The reason is that the lights in those devices mimic the bright light of the sun and contain “blue light”, and this means that even though we know it’s late, our brains have a difficult time shutting down due to thinking that it’s still “day time”.

But we have even more going against us: We produce less melatonin as we age. So, supplementing with a sleep aid that contains melatonin is the perfect start to getting better rest.

The great thing about taking a sleep aid that contains melatonin is that it doesn’t affect your personal production of melatonin. So, when you do fall asleep, your brain will still produce your normal amount.

Modern research has shown that Melatonin can:

Lavender Extract

Lavender has had a long list of uses. Even at one point in time it was used to help treat tooth aches. While that may sound silly, lavender is a powerful relaxing agent. So, even if it doesn’t reduce pain, it can help relax the user when they’re experiencing discomfort.

But it’s always been a staple ingredient for people that need to fall into a relaxed state. Lavender has been clinically shown to help people lower their stress levels. If you experience insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea, or even headaches, lavender can be of benefit.

Modern research has shown that Lavender Extract can:

See The Full List Of Ultra Sleep Complex Ingredients

All of these ingredients have a long list of benefits. But more importantly, they’re all proven to help you with sleep. 

Ultra Sleep Complex Ingredients List

Ultra Sleep Complex bottle

Every Order Of Ultra Sleep Complex Is Guaranteed

Try Ultra Sleep Complex — and if you don’t love it, simply send it back within 60 days for a full refund (less shipping costs). You have the chance to try Ultra Sleep Complex completely risk-free. And that’s how we know you will absolutely love it! Please read more in our FAQ section.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Product Questions:

Yes! Every order comes with a no-nonsense 60 day money back guarantee.

If you decide to return your order, all you need to do is contact customer support and they’ll give you instructions on how to return your items and receive your money back. (support@ultraformulas.com)

Each order can open a maximum of 1 bottle in order to comply with the guarantee. For example: If you purchase 2 bottles, you can open a maximum of 1 bottle. Then, send both the empty and resalable, unopened bottle back for a full refund, less any original shipping charges.

The quick answer is “no”, it doesn’t work for everyone. However, our return rate is 1.5%. Which means that it works for 197 people out of every 200. If it doesn’t work for you, then we offer a guarantee!

Ultra Sleep Complex contains ingredients that start working within 20-45 minutes. Take Ultra Sleep Complex right before planning on going to sleep.

The main side-effect is: Sleepiness!

Ultra Sleep Complex’s ingredients have been clinically proven to help improve sleep quality and quantity. There haven’t been any side-effects reported since all ingredients are found in nature.

Please consult your doctor if you have any questions about ingredients and how they might interact with other medication you’re taking.

Ultra Sleep Complex is 100% safe to use, when taken responsibly. Only take Ultra Sleep Complex when you plan on going to sleep within 30 minutes.

Ordering Questions:

Ultra Sleep Complex doesn’t currently offer an autoship program, nor do we plan to. Every order is a 1-time transaction and your information isn’t stored.

Your order will come in a white-colored package with bubble wrap. Larger orders (more than 6-8+ bottles) automatically get upgraded to priority and may come in a USPS priority box.

Your order will ship out within 1 business day. Our business hours are M-F, 8am – 4pm, MTS. We don’t ship on USA holidays or when the post office is closed.

Yes! We ship all over the world. To figure out pricing, simply add an item to the cart and enter your country name.

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